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Eunice Olumide’s Resident’s Guide To South Ken

Art & Culture Art & Culture Expand Your Mind House News Meet A Local 14/06/2023

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, what you do and your connection to South Kensington?

I am often called a multi hyphenate or polymath and have a long career in various arts-based industries, including modelling and broadcasting, and have been fortunate enough to work with brands such as Vivienne Westwood and BBC Radio London. I also have my own small production company, ‘Orun Films’, which won best documentary for ‘Is Graffiti Art’, sponsored by Netflix, and produced a documentary on sustainability shown to world leaders at COP26. In 2014 I founded Olumide Galleries and in 2019 began ‘Next Generation Regeneration’ – curating exhibitions, symposiums and events at Tate Modern, The National Museum of Scotland, The British Museum, The V&A and The V&A Dundee.  

South Kensington is home, having moved here after the pandemic. I was looking to find an area that was “warmer” and where I could easily visit my favourite museums and galleries. The neighborhood has absolutely everything you could want to really live and grow. It is a fantastic area with wonderful people and reminds me of home. 


South Kensington is arguably the cultural epicentre of London. What are your favourite places to visit for a cultural fix?  

There is literally so much choice in South Kensington – from restaurants to galleries and some of my absolutely favourite delis. I recently discovered an amazing bar on the other side of the neighbourhood, called Troubadour, where I love to go and listen to live jazz as well as eat and drink.  Every Sunday I walk from my home to Hyde Park and meet up with friends – some of my favourite places to visit are the Natural History Museum, The Science Museum, The Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gardens, The Design Museum, The Serpentine and of course, Saatchi.  My secret vice is confectionary, and I have never been to a place that has so much choice of scrumptious desserts!


How would you spend your perfect weekend in London?

The perfect weekend in London, for me, is a trip to some of the most amazing vintage markets –  Portobello Road is very close to South Kensington, and of course, a stroll through Hyde or Kensington Park. Afternoon tea at Claridges, and then catch a theatre production before dinner – which can be anything from street food to fine dining. Dancing is a personal prescription, as well as at least one pilates class. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a laugh, check out Flippers Roller Boogie Palace where you can skate, eat, dance and have a lot of fun.


Sustainability underpins every decision we make at The Other House and we know it’s a topic that’s very close to your heart.  What are your top tips for leading a more sustainable life?

For me sustainability must be practical, there are so many things that we can do as individuals to support and protect our beautiful planet.  My mantra is re-ware, reuse and recycle – learn not to always buy new things and try to mend old ones.  Transforming old things that we don’t need such as cushions or curtains into pillows or throws. Also, just shop less, look at what you already have in your wardrobe and identify key pieces to wear again. This will also help to coordinate your space and make it easier to dress. I would recommend Lucy Siegel’s book ‘Turning The Tide on Plastic’ which is revolutionary and packed full of top tips. 


You have helped curate exhibitions at some incredible institutions, including The V&A.  What exhibitions are you looking forward too or currently enjoying in London?

I recently went to see the history of Contemporary and Modern Art at The National Gallery which is fantastic, definitely one I would recommend. My space, Olumide Gallery London, currently have a sale which will run until the end of the month with Artsy. It features my artist Olumide Oresegun as well as Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and Derrick Adams, amongst many others. 


We aim to create interiors and experiences that can transport and inspire. Where do you go for design inspiration? 

I personally am obsessed with the natural world.  To me there is nothing more inspirational than the sea, rivers, lakes, the sky, our solar system.  I often find cumulus nimbus fascinating and sit and gaze for hours on end.  I think everything we are and everything we do is inspired by nature and that’s why it is so important to protect it.


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